Jason Lengstorf

Show Up & Do The Work

I used to believe ability was everything. I thought talent was the key to success. But I was wrong. Ability doesn't matter if you don't do the work.

Jason Lengstorf
written by Jason Lengstorf

Consistency is the deciding factor in long-term success

In fact, I'd argue that if you could only choose one, consistency without ability would perform better than the opposite. Continuing to show up will overcome nearly any other shortcoming and allow you to get where you want to go.

It's not what you're capable of — it's what you do that counts

A relatively small group of people produce most of what we experience every day, from entertainment to education to products to businesses. And you might look at that output and feel strongly that you could do a better job. And, hey! You might be right!

But here's the thing: the creator you're critiquing is showing up and doing the work and they're achieving their goals. It doesn't matter how much talent or potential you have — if you're not showing up and doing the work, you won't see much progress.

A mediocre-but-consistent effort will outperform an excellent-but-infrequent effort just about every time.

The best time to start is now

If you haven't built a consistent practice of getting your work out into the world, the best time to start is now.

What's a manageable scope that you can commit to on a regular cadence? Aim for something that almost feels too easy. 80% of what you think you could pull off is a good target, because it's important that you can still do it when you're stressed, tired, and less excited about doing it.

We can all stay consistent when we're in a great mood and feeling motivated. What really makes the difference is finding a way to stay consistent when we feel like shit and would rather stay in bed.

Choose a goal. Build the habit. Build momentum. Do the work. Make it sustainable. Be patient. It'll happen. 💜